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    CORVUS 6MM / 8MM

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    CORVUS 6MM / 8MM

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    Product Review (submitted on September 2, 2014):
    Tuesday Sept. 2nd 2014

    After an unsuccessful local search for matching wedding bands that would match the engagement ring we turned to looking online. We found the Corvus ring at Tungestenworld.com to be the answer to our discouraging search. The Corvus was available in the sizes that we needed (8 ½ & 4) and two different widths, the wide one for him and the narrow one for her. Our rings arrived about 3 weeks after we ordered them, about one week before our wedding date of June 21st 2014. The ring was a perfect match and it laid to rest our concerns and apprehension of making such a critical purchase online from a company across the country. We were very reluctant to buy them without having the option of actually seeing them and holding them next to the engagement ring before making the purchase. The picture online is a very accurate representation of what the ring looks like.
    The size 4 ring was perfect, we did however discover that the silver inlay on the 8 ½ ring was not very smooth. The fit and finish let’s say was not too good. It had a concave feel to it that varied in depth. We decided that after we returned home from the honeymoon we would contact Tungstenworld to see what our options were. We feared that the our online purchase I had just gone south and we would be stuck with a poor quality ring. I am pleased to say that Tungstenworld was very prompt and professional in making us satisfied customers. I did have to ship the ring back and wait for some answers. They decided that the ring could not be repaired and they ordered a new ring from the manufacturer. Their service is top notch and very professional. Their attention to customer satisfaction is as good as what we would expect from a local trusted jeweler.
    About 1 month later we did notice that while on vacation the rings seemed to have a reaction to the pool water and hot tub water. The silver inlay on our rings became tarnished and splotchy looking. The discoloration did clear up after a few days but not completely. This did not occur at the resort where we stayed for our honeymoon, it only occured where we went for our family vacation. The rings are very comfortable and we love them. They were exactly what we were looking for but thought we would never find.

    Todd & Christie
    Roanoke, Virginia
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