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    Custom Engraved Rings

    Custom Laser Engraving

    Have you ever wondered if you could design your own ring with a personal touch? Read more...Do you have an idea but don't know where to engrave rings? At Tungsten World, we are proud to announce that our custom engraving skills are at your service. We have many default designs ready to be laser engraved onto any of our highly polished, tungsten rings. If you have a personal design that we do not offer, give us a call at 1-800-731-1123 or email us at sales@tungstenworld.com, and we will be glad to help you bring your personlized jewelry to life! Tungsten engraved rings make great gifts and are a popular alternative choice as custom engagement rings for men. Don't hesitate to ask and bring your custom ring to life!

    CUSTOMIZE ANY RING: Engravings can be done on most all rings on our website with any pattern, which can be engraved once or mutiple times. Call us for a custom ring consultation. And to see more information on the many customizations that can be added to our rings including custom engraving, inlays and diamonds, visit our Custom Tungsten Rings page HERE.     
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    Custom Engraved Rings: Our selection of Custom Rings are all expertly crafted with our precision laser engraving machine and the ultimate expression of personalized jewelry. Each laser engraving features one of the many popular images, symbols and emblems of the internet's most popular ring selections. Domed and in a high polished finish, the tradtional styling of each ring makes for the perfect custom engagement rings or fashionable custom rings for men and women. There is no limit to the customizations we can complete with these custom rings and the above is only a small sample of the styles available. Customers looking for more personalized engraved rings might also like:
    • Moustache Rings
    • Fingerprint Rings
    • Tribal Rings
    • Family Crest Rings
    • Animal Track Rings
    • Animal Print Rings
    All of these custom ring styles can be completed by our laser engraving machine upon request. Please contact us at 1-800-731-1123 to have your custom laser engraved ring become a reality.