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    Product Review (submitted on March 10, 2014):
    Lost my previous ring from tungsten world while deployed (somewhere in the process of coming back through customs). I loved the durability of that ring. It was a plain finish with bezeled edges. Never scratch despite the rigors of military field work. So, I naturally went back to tungsten world. I came across this ring (Sentinel) which was black tungsten with camoflauge pattern. I chose it over the 'Caliber' which is the same design but in plain tungsten color. Shipping was very fast. However, when receiving it, I could tell an immediate difference between the pictures on the website and the look of the ring I received. Despite what the picture shows, my ring did not have a smooth transition between the darker etching and the black tungsten. Mine had what appeared to be a lighter edge along that transition area which in my opinion gave the ring design a cheap look. Also, the areas of darker etching scratched up very easily with actions as simple as grazing the ring past a metal handle of a knife in my pants pocket when reaching for my keys. The lighter etched areas and black tungsten didn't scratch at all. I plan to return the ring and try either the caliber or avoid the camoflauge pattern completely if the problem proves to be common with etched tungsten surfaces. Other than these problematic surface features, the ring feels solid and of comparable overall durability as the previous ring I bought from Tungstenworld.
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