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    Mens Cobalt Wedding Bands

    tungsten wedding bands and rings
    Tailored to the needs of the modern husband or fiancé, cobalt chrome wedding bands for men are unique in their designer quality Read more...and unmatched durability. Coming in an array of widths including 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and even 10mm wide bands, featuring high polished and brushed finishes with beveled, domed, raised top and flat styles, there is a men's cobalt wedding bands for any style or taste. With its "white" metal coloring, very similar to that of white gold or platinum, cobalt chrome wedding bans for men resemble many high priced precious metal alternatives at a reasonable price and with a much more durable functionality unique to cobalt rings.

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    6mm 8mm Palladium 8-Stone Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band

    Retails for: $1,299.00
    Our Price: $779.00

    Sale Price: $739.00

    CAMELOT 8mm

    CAMELOT 8mm

    8mm Diamond Cobalt with Stainless Steel Mesh Wedding Band

    Retails for: $999.00
    Our Price: $759.00

    Sale Price: $729.00

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    Men's wedding bands made from cobalt chrome are modern marvels. Made from the same cobalt-alloy used in so many joint replacements and dental implants in the medical and dental industries, cobalt chrome rings for men are wedding bands of the highest quality. Perfect for the man in your life that expects only the best, our durable cobalt wedding bands for men display the white-like metal so sought after in white gold and platinum wedding bands. However, unlike their precious metal counterparts, cobalt rings and cobalt wedding rings will not scratch the way softer precious metals will over time. As long lasting as your commitment to one another and hard enough to be highly scratch resistant, cobalt chrome also exhibits the material strength necessary to be deemed shatterproof. With its unique and durable characteristics combined with a fine attention to detail and style, our cobalt chrome wedding band for men are guaranteed to impress from your wedding day on forward.