Men's Tungsten Rings vs. Women's Tungsten Rings

People often ask us at, what makes the perfect men’s and women’s tungsten wedding band? In reply, we tell them the perfect wedding band is the ring you can wear for a lifetime. And that is why tungsten rings make the perfect wedding band. Stylish and modern, but classic and durable enough to last the test of time, tungsten rings / wedding bands are perfect for a man or woman.

While matching wedding band sets have recently become popular, many people prefer distinct style differences between their wedding band and their partner’s band. With so many styles and types of rings available, many people have a hard time distinguishing what makes up a men’s ring versus a women’s ring. And while it really should come down to your personal preference of ring style you’d like to wear forever, there are some traditional differences between men’s and women’s rings.

 Quick Tips: Men's rings vs. Women's Rings

  • Thinner widths for ladies, wider widths for men.
  • Simple styles look best on men's hands, ladies slender fingers look great with highly styled ring
  • Men and women both want a band free of scratches, so whether it's for you or your lovely lady, choose Tungsten Carbide Wedding bands and Tungsten Rings!

Material Composition

Traditionally wedding bands were made in gold, or other precious metals. To this day, many men and women stick with tradition, selecting gold rings as their wedding bands. In recent times, women’s bands in white gold have become popular with their lighter, more feminine look. In contrast, more men have turned to platinum for their rings. The darker look of platinum, coupled with its tougher composition, makes for a more rugged and masculine band.

Being precious metals, white gold and platinum bands scratch and lose much of their luster over time. The reality is these softer metals just can’t hold up to everyday use. And while many women are able to be gentle on their rings and wear gold without problem, the daily routine of many men has made stronger alternative metals more popular. As a result, tungsten rings have become much more popular wedding bands for men. The dark gun-metal finish and more masculine styling paired with a high scratch-resistance makes men’s tungsten rings the preference of men looking for a long lasting, everyday wedding band.


Without sounding trite, most of us can agree men’s hands are larger than ladies’. Men have longer and wider fingers for the most part, while women have much more slender fingers and knuckles. And generally, men and women don’t wear the same size rings either.

A 2mm wedding band may be the perfect fit for a woman’s hand, while a man with the same ring width would dwarf the ring. Men prefer something a bit wider, 6mm and 8mm being the most common choices for men’s tungsten wedding bands. As a result, we commonly associate wider bands with men’s style, and the more slender bands to be styles for women.


Without a doubt, diamond wedding bands are still the most popular style of wedding band. As the sayings go, “diamonds are forever” and “diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.” And while traditionally, a women’s wedding band is more muted in style than her engagement ring, in recent times more women do prefer even their wedding bands to include a diamond setting.

Diamond settings are usually not congruent with men’s tastes however. And while the man-gagement band has gained increasing popularity, men still prefer a more subtle look to their wedding bands and engagement rings than a diamond setting would supply. Popular looks on men’s wedding bands include brushed finishes, beveled edges, the subtle placement of a solitaire diamond and possible precious metal inlay.


Posted by: Vincent LR, Press Officer

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