Hooked Up Peeps

Hi Family, Friends & our Hooked Up Peeps!


You all are indeed near and dear to the TungstenWorld family so we can get you great discount without us going completely broke ;)


Choose nearly any of our products on this site and receive $50 OFF. Any ring, any watch, any bracelet, and most all pendants as well as a few different accessories like earings and bracelets. Don't see the coupon code working? Shoot me a line with what you want and I'll take care of ya (stephen@tungstenworld.com)

COUPON CODE: tw-hookup


My favoirte Products: 

Wedding Bands for him: Mattino, Xenon, Byzantine
Wedding Rings for her:  Bella, Corona (w/ rose gold), Classique 4mm (great back up ring)

Go-Out-At-Nite Rings: Tether,  





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