Tungsten Mokume Rings Info

Looking for something “one of a kind?” You’re going to love our line of mokume gane tungsten rings.

Derived from an ancient Japanese sword making technique, mokume gane literally translates to wood-grain metal. These beautiful inlays are created by bonding soft metals as they are heated, resulting in the wood-grain or tiger-like design. And while similar inlays are consistent in color, hue and the general styling seen in the product pictures, each mokume ring is unique, as “one of a kind” as a fingerprint.

Our mokume tungsten rings come in 3 inlay styles, each with their own distinctive look. You have your choice of sterling silver with shakudo, 18k gold with shakudo, or even palladium with 18k green gold. Paired with the high scratch-resistance of tungsten rings, mokume tungsten rings make great wedding bands or engagement rings.

Customers continue to rave about the uniqueness of their mokume rings. We’ve heard the mokume pattern praised as “tiger striped” and “beautiful animal-print” to “more vibrant and colorful than Damascus style rings.” Having a mokume ring won’t just look great on your hand, you’re bound to get glances from across the room, that’s just how elegant and eye-catching these rings are.

No matter what mokume ring you choose, you’ll have a mokume wedding band so unique it’s “one of a kind.”

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