Camo Wedding Bands: Realtree Camo Rings vs. Laser Engraved Camo Rings

Recent trends in wedding bands have been spread across a wide spectrum. From the classic, like antique style diamond settings, to the modern, carbon fiber inlay wedding bands; but no one trend has made quite the impact that camo wedding bands have had on the jewelry industry over the past year.

Using durable alternative metals like tungsten carbide and cobalt, renown for their scratch resistance and strength, rings with intricate camouflage patterns naturally became a favorite of men and women in the armed forces. Soldiers immediately saw the advantage of the more rugged wedding bands ’ material having the added benefit of being able to wear their wedding rings while deployed. Not to mention, the camouflage pattern of the camo wedding bands fit right in with the standard issue uniform and military style.

After those in the military, camo wedding rings experienced a second spike in popularity. This time the demand was from civilians. Avid outdoorsmen and hunters caught wind of these unique wedding rings and it was a match made in heaven.


With this second boom in camo wedding band demand, a new wave of camo ring styles has hit the market. The original camo ring, simple domed shape with classic camouflage pattern on tungsten, was joined by beveled and flat styles, then black camo tungsten rings and cobalt chrome camo bands and finally, digital camo patterns and even realtree camo rings. The rising star of wedding bands now has plenty of company.

But while tungsten camo rings, black tungsten camo rings and cobalt camo rings all have laser engraving in common, the one outlier in this new category of wedding bands is to some the most intriguing: realtree camo rings.

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Because of its colorful camo patterns, realtree camo rings appeal to many men, and even women, looking for an “authentic” camo ring. And made from similar metals as engraved camo rings like tungsten and titanium, many people may be unaware of where the differences lie between two seemingly similar ring styles. So to help those customers, we do a little thing we like to call the VS. Series:

Realtree Camo Rings VS. Laser Engraved Camo Rings

  • Color: Realtree Camo comes in many colors and camouflage designs. The amount of colors and types of camo styles are almost infinite. Laser Engraved Camo is completed with a laser. Colors are not possible but many shades of grey are used to give the contrasted effect of the camo pattern used.
  • Types of Rings: Beveled, Domed and Pipe-cut Styles are used for both types of rings. Black tungsten can also be used for Laser Engraved Camo rings, giving the ring added depth in conjunction with the grey tones added by the laser.
  • Durability: Realtree Camo is normally applied via a decal or inlay covered with resin. This area will be susceptible to scratches and wear. Laser engraved camo patterns are smooth to the touch and exhibit the same scratch resistant resilience as the tungsten and cobalt they are applied to.

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