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    Tungsten Wedding Bands

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    The future of men's jewelry is black wedding bands & rings The future of men's jewelry is black wedding bands & rings

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    The future of men's jewelry is black wedding bands & rings The future of men's jewelry is black wedding bands & rings


Tungsten Jewelery And Wedding Bands

We are tungsten jewelry and tungsten wedding band experts. Tungsten World has been providing the online community with superior quality tungsten carbide jewelry products at the most competitive prices since tungsten's first emergence. Our selection of tungsten wedding rings, coblat chrome rings and titanium rings for men & women is one of the finest available.



Tungsten World’s Women's & Men's Tungsten Rings are offered in a variety of styles and finishes and primarily come in 8mm and 6mm tungsten ring sizes. Tungsten carbide rings are perfect for wedding bands, tungsten engagement rings, or luxury style tungsten jewelry. When shopping at Tungsten World with our Tungsten Forever brand, you are guaranteed the highest quality designer Tungsten Wedding Bands, which include: our Lifetime Warranty, Lifetime Sizing, 45 day return policy, free 5-8 day shipping*, free ring box + gift bag, available laser engraving... 

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"I was originally searching for a titanium band and loved they way they looked until I came across tungsten wedding bands. I couldn't believe that the tungsten rings were stronger and more scratch resistant than even titanium. The luster was more clear and the polished edges were awesome. I love the weight. It feels more valuable than platinum or white gold yet is more durable and is a fraction of the cost. I couldn't be more happy.Thankyou truly!"

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Mike C.

Danville, CA

"I needed a ring that my honey could wear to his job. He works heavy construction and it has stood up quite nicely to his everyday abuse. He just loves his ring and always tells his guy friends about it! Also TungstenWorld, you have outstanding customer service! Thanks for taking the extra time with me on the phone to answer my 110 questions. We wont forget you guys."

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Sheryl and Sean

Jacksonville, FL

"I wasn't too sure about getting my husband a trendy ring, but your selection is great and it was exactly what he wanted. When my fianc? saw this ring and he loved it - modern look with brushed finish. He says that I did a great job! Thank you for all the emails, replies and for helping us find something he and I can both cherish!"

testimonial image3

Bridget Richfield

Dana Point, CA

"This is the most Gorgeous ring I have ever seen. I can wait till he gets it! Your super fast shipping and excellent phone service has made this the easiest online transaction ever, even for someone like me.."

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Scottsdale, AZ

"You guys are a great company to go through. Simple, easy payment, really quick shipment and very honest on the phone. Steve, you are such a nice and helpful gentleman. Your professional advice really cleared things up for us. Thanks a bunch."

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Tracy and Michael Beldon

Bay City, Michigan