Sizing Section

Many people may not be aware there are two sizing methods utilized for measuring rings: standard fit and comfort fit. With a flat interior from one end of the ring to the other, traditional silver and gold wedding rings have long come in standard fit sizing. However, as times have changed, so has the comfort and fit of rings over the years. Tungsten rings and wedding bands, as well as cobalt chrome, tungsten and ceramic, and even titanium rings, have long opted for the more modern approach of comfort fit. With its rounded interior, which tapers slightly larger at the edges of the ring's interior, comfort fit rings facilitate a smooth sliding of the band on and off your finger while maintaining a snug and comfortable fit once on.

Increasingly eclipsing standard fit as the sizing method of choice (especially for men, as our knuckles can be a bit wider than the base of our fingers causing difficulty finding the right size in standard fit), comfort fit rings do vary in their fit slight from their standard fit counterparts. As a result, those ordering a comfort fit band in the same size as their standard fit sizing may notice their ring fitting just a bit too loose for comfort. To remedy this, we've long consulted with customers to take their standard fit sizing down a half a size to accurately find their size in comfort fit. This is a recommendation that is standard throughout the industry and one that has worked for a vast majority of customers looking for the perfect fit of their tungsten wedding bands. But as we've already noted, there are a variety of ways to come to your ring's size. As it is our intention to help you find the perfect durable wedding bands in both fit and style, we've compiled these tips on sizing to assist you in finding your ring's perfect fit: