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    Cobalt Rings

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    Continuing in Tungsten World's commitment to the highest quality jewelery, we're proud to introduce: cobalt rings. Made from an alloy Read more...long used in the medical and dental industries, cobalt chrome, cobalt men's rings are durable, bio-compatible and hypoallergenic, along with being highly scratch resistant and shatterproof. A "whiter" metal resembling in color similar styles of white gold rings and platinum rings, cobalt rings for men have the added benefit of withstanding wear-and-tear much better than their precious metal counterparts. And all our cobalt chrome rings are backed by Tungsten World’s industry best Lifetime Warranty. LEARN MORE HERE

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    ROYAL 6MM / 8MM

    ROYAL 6MM / 8MM

    6mm 8mm Rounded Rose Gold Inlaid Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band

    Retails for: $675.00
    Our Price: $494.00

    Sale Price: $469.00



    8mm Argentium Silver & Rose Gold Inlay Cobalt Wedding Band

    Retails for: $999.00
    Our Price: $569.00

    Sale Price: $509.00



    8mm Diamond Dual Woven Silver Inlay Cobalt Wedding Band

    Retails for: $899.00
    Our Price: $655.00

    Sale Price: $619.00

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    Used in years prior for it's strength, durability and bio-compatibility in the medical and dental industries, cobalt chrome has long been a component of difficult joint repair and dental implants. With these long-lasting attributes in mind, Tungsten World is carrying cobalt men's rings made from cobalt chrome with an eye on providing customers with a durable men's ring for fashion or as wedding bands. Cobalt rings are a "white" metal similar in color to white gold and platinum rings, while exhibiting a higher tolerance for daily wear. Renowned for being shatterproof; harder than titanium, cobalt rings are highly scratch resistant as well. Whether it's as a fashion ring for casual wear or a wedding band holding the promise and commitment of your love, cobalt rings are tough enough to stand the test of time, while exhibiting a material strength perfect for a wide array of widths, finishes, stone inlays and styles. You'll be sure to find a ring that is right for you, no matter what your style preference may be.
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