Men's Engagement Rings (Mangagement Ring)

It’s a picture-perfect night. As the two of you walk down the pier, he stops for a moment to tie his shoe. You gaze thoughtfully onto the dark blue ocean and the few boats still out after sunset. And as your thoughts turn to the wonderful dinner the two of you just enjoyed, your loved one calls your name. You turn to find him no longer tying his shoe; instead he is down on one knee, diamond ring in hand.

You begin to blush. Of course you will say “Yes!” but as he slips the perfect engagement ring onto your finger, all you can think is, “But what will I get for him?”

It’s a growing trend in America, as more and more men are sporting their engagement rings. That’s right. Not a wedding band. An engagement ring, a men’s engagement ring. Tradition dictates women wear a ring to signify their engagement, but now it’s the men’s turn. It’s a phenomena  news outlets like the New York Times, Details and Nightline are calling the “man-gagement ring.” And is your #1 source for all things man-gagement.

Quick Tips to the Perfect Men's Engagment Ring

  • Simple Styling: Classic domed and pipe-cut style rings are simple and never go out of style. Save the fancy settings and moving parts for your ring.
  • Durable Materials: Guys are rough on their rings, so make sure you've got him a material that can handle his sports, outdoor activities and duties around the house. Hard metals like tungsten carbide keep his ring from looking dinged and scratched all the time.
  • He Can Wear Diamonds Too: He doesn't need a huge setting, but a simply inlaid diamond solitaire looks great and adds a bit of style to his ring. Tungsten diamond rings look great and are simple enough in their styling that he won't be ashamed to show it off at work.
    It’s true, more ladies are claiming their man with a mangagement ring, and more guys are open to wearing a men-gagement ring. Even the recently engaged Grammy Award winning singer Michael Buble is wearing a pre-wedding male engagement ring, which is said to be popular in other countries. But it can’t be just any ring. Don’t forget, he probably stressed for weeks, even months, over the perfect ring for you. You’ll need to find a ring he’d not only feel comfortable wearing, but one that suits him. He can’t go into work on Monday showing off a diamond-set band like yours to all his buddies. No, he’ll need something more masculine if you are going to claim him.

    He needs a tungsten ring.

    Tungsten carbide is the perfect man-gagement ring. With its masculine dark gunmetal color, your guy can sport a tungsten ring with brushed finish, bevels, even an inlaid precious metal or diamond. And because it’s the hardest metal on the market, tungsten rings are going to hold up to his active lifestyle. He may have never worn jewelry before, but now he’ll have a ring he’ll never want to take off.

    And don’t forget, when it comes time to get wedding bands to go with your engagement rings, Tungsten World has a wide range of matching tungsten wedding band sets in all sizes for men and women.

Posted by: Vincent LR, Press Officer