Tungsten Carbide Men's Black Diamond Rings And Wedding Bands

When considering the hierarchy of rings, or even just jewelry in general, you’d have to say the diamond wedding band is the king of jewelry. It’s the quintessential wedding ring, engagement band, and forever a girl’s best friend.

But when it comes to Tungsten World’s newest additions to their line of diamond tungsten rings, you’ll have to toss all the traditional diamond rules aside, because tungsten men’s black diamond rings are a new breed of diamond ring.

Hard Facts of Black Diamonds:

  • Can be synthetic or natural
  • Exhibit many of the same characteristics of traditional diamonds
  • Black diamonds appear very dark green under the brightest light sources
  • Synthetic black diamonds are colorless diamonds given their color by either High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) treatment or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Traditionally, it’s all about the four C’s when purchasing a diamond: carat, color, clarity and cut. And while these general guidelines make grading the more common colorless diamonds easy, black diamonds, being a modern and unique diamond styling, are a bit outside the box.

That’s not to say they don’t have the diamond wedding bands four C’s. Our men’s black diamond rings have solitaire black diamonds in .06 carats in brilliant cut, round style. But the stones set into our tungsten carbide rings are very unique in their clarity and color, as the deep black color of each diamond can attest to.

By unique, we mean black diamonds aren’t rated for color the way a traditional diamond would be on an A to Z scale, and as for clarity, the highest quality black diamonds do not rate at all. The deeper the color, the less light passing through, giving the black diamond its unique and sought after opaque coloring. And this is all done via extremely delicate High-Temperature High-Pressure treatments ensuring your new mens black diamond wedding band will be the most talked about ring at any office, party or wedding.

Click HERE for more info on the HTHP Process

Made with the highest quality Tungsten Forever tungsten carbide rings, your tungsten black diamond ring for men from Tungsten World can be chosen from a variety of ring styles including beveled, domed, pipe-cut and grooved styles. In both 6mm and 8mm widths, they make quite the complementary matching set of women’s and men’s tungsten wedding bands. And like all our made to order tungsten rings or black tungsten carbide rings, each is hand finished right here in the USA.


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