Two Tone Tungsten Rings

The best both worlds.

Rarely, do you find a product that is truly “the best of both worlds.” It’s as elusive as it is cliché. Still, we search for that special item able to satisfy all our wants in one fell swoop.

With this in mind, we present to you our line of two-tone tungsten rings. Tungsten wedding rings combining the stylish look of black ceramic with the dark gunmetal finish of tungsten.

The concept of two-tone rings is not necessarily a new one. In fact, the style dates back to ancient times. Couples would have rings made from two different traditional metals to complete their wedding bands. Usually, gold and silver were used, and interwoven to create the wedding bands. It’s a style still in use to this day, and now your tungsten wedding band comes in two-tone styling, too.

As stylish as the original two-tone wedding bands were, they are a bit antiquated these days. The use of soft metals like gold and silver causes these rings to easily scratch, not to mention the possibility of tarnishing. Our line of two-tone tungsten rings doesn’t just combine two stylish looks, they’re also the combination of form and function lacking from traditional two-tone rings.

Two-tone tungsten wedding bands are based on two simple premises: a combination of two popular ring colors, black and high polished gunmetal, and the combination of materials in tungsten and ceramic creating a ring durable enough for everyday wear. This combination yields a ring that can only be described as “the best of both worlds.” Stylish and modern in color and materials, ceramic and tungsten are similarly hard materials with high scratch-resistance; two-tone tungsten rings are the ultimate contemporary wedding bands for men.

Love the look of our black tungsten wedding rings, but can’t quite commit to an all black wedding band? Two-tone tungsten rings are for you. Want something contemporary in style but functional in form? Two-tone tungsten rings. Like the idea of two materials in one ring, but not materials with the propensity to scratch? Two-tone tungsten rings! You get the point, because sometimes you really can have the best of both worlds.


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