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  1. The Meteoric Rise of Titanium Wedding Bands: Unveiling Their Soaring Popularity


    Finding the “one ring that unites them all,” as they say in many fairy tales and literature, is no easy feat. However, in this scenario, charm is more important than control. The standards and excitement level increase significantly while searching for wedding bands or engagement rings.Unique, beautiful, and eye-catching things"..."

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  2. Masculine And Bold: Black Rings for Men


    Want to make a bold and powerful style statement with your ring? Are you looking for rings that exude masculinity, confidence, and individuality? Enter black rings for men!

    Personal style creates a big, bright splash on the developing canvas of fashion and self-expression and speaks volumes. Black rings shine bright"..."

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  3. How Much to Spend on Wedding Gifts?

    We've all been there. Invited to a wedding of someone we know casually and unsure about bringing a gift. Maybe their a friend, but not a close friend. Or it's your best friends wedding, you're in the bridal party and they got you the most amazing gift for you own wedding, but you're on a budget. What then? "..."

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  4. Tungsten Ring Madness

    According to the Columbus Dispatch, the NCAA Tournament's first week costs U.S. employers "$1.2 billion for every unproductive hour."

    Here at Tungsten World, we say that's just "Madness!" We love the NCAA Tournament so much, we got in the spirit by holding a bracket"..."

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  5. In Demand: Wood Rings, Camo Wedding Rings and Celtic Tungsten Rings

    In the midst of the busiest time of year for weddings, trends become clearer and clearer as the season develops. With so many choices available to couples this wedding season, the overwhelming choice as the favorite wedding band of newlywed couples is without a doubt unique wedding rings, wood"..."

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  6. Iron Man's Armor

    Iron Man 3 Poster
    The much anticipated 3rd installment in the Iron Man saga is coming soon to a theater near you! Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy philanthropist turned super hero via state of the art military exoskeleton. The villain for Iron Man 3 is none other than the Mandarin, one of Iron Man's recurring arch-nemesis"..."

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  7. Breaking Barriers and Setting Standards

    More than 60 years ago, in 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the racial color barrier and debuted as an African American Brooklyn Dodger. His story has been told countless times, but last weekend's box office opening for the movie “42” was a grand slam. The Jackie Robinson movie features veteran actor Harrison Ford and John McGinley"..."

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  8. Don't Be Fooled This April!

    On April 1st, it's hard to trust anybody. That is, of course, if you forget that it's April Fool's Day. Then you just believe every crazy story that pops up in your Facebook feed, like your friend who posts a picture of his newly purchased Dodge Viper"..."

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  9. Duck Dynasty, Lost Wedding Rings and Camo

    Last night's Duck Dynasty episode had a bit of a wedding ring flavor to it and it got us thinking.

    In the episode, Jase and his wife are in the jewelry store searching for a wedding ring for Jase. No, they aren't just about to be married or even just married, he'd actually lost his ring years ago! After nearly 20 years"..."

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  10. Rose Gold Blooms in Spring!

    It's spring time! Which also means that it's allergy season. Pollen is in the air from all the flowers that have sprung. But what else is in the air? It seems that couples are tying the knot left and right! Why is it that people seem to fall in love and take the plunge more often in the spring?

    Scientifically speaking"..."

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