Engraving Info

What Can Be Engraved:

Standard Engraving - up to 30 characters on the ring’s interior $25(FREE on orders $299 and above)

Exterior Engraving - no character limit, done on the outside of most rings $50

Custom Engraving - send us your custom image/symbol for engraving  $50 - $100 (pricing varies by image, contact us for a price quote)


Standard Engraving Exterior Engraving Custom Engraving
 $25  $50 $50 - $100


How to Add an Engraving to Your Order:

Only at Tungsten World can you get truly custom engraved rings.

It is possible to have any of our rings and many of our accessories engraved using our laser etching system. To have a ring or accessory engraved, select the product and click "Add Laser Engraving" above the red "Add to Cart" button. Type your message in the text box and wait for your message to appear, then you can select between the different fonts to the one you desire. After you have confirmed your engraving for spelling, capitalization, and spacing; click the "Add to Cart" button to proceed with your order.

Congratulations, your personal interior engraving will appear as it does on your screen when your ring is delivered.