How Wide is an 8mm Ring?

How wide is an 8mm ring?

It’s actually a question we get asked a lot. No need to be shy if you were wondering it yourself. An 8mm wide band is the preferred width of men’s tungsten wedding bands and men’s tungsten rings. But exactly how wide is 8mm?

Well strictly speaking, an 8mm tungsten carbide wedding band is 8 little tick marks on the centimeter side of a standard ruler. In inches, 8mm rings are .315 of an inch and .8 of a centimeter. If you lined up 8mm rings with their edges touching each other on that same ruler, it would take 38 rings to reach from end to end. 

Still not sure about how wide an 8mm tungsten wedding band is? How about this:


  • If you put 8mm tungsten rings edge to edge across a football field, it would take 11,430 rings to reach from one end to the other
  • An 8mm tungsten wedding band on its side is the equivalent of stacking 4 dollar coins

  • Speaking of coins, it would take 3 8mm bands stood up side to side to cover the diameter of a quarter
  • The number of snowflakes that could fit side to side across an 8mm ring? 800!

US MINT : See the widths of other US coins in comparison to 8mm wide tungsten rings

In the end, 8mm wedding bands and rings are the most popular width for men’s wedding bands. They’re substantially wider and more masculine looking. While the traditional width for a wedding ring had been 5 - 6mm, the modern wedding band is getting wider and wider, and even many women prefer the width of an 8mm band. With as unique as tungsten, cobalt and alternative metal rings are, 8mm is simply the perfect width for the modern man.

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