What Width is Right for You? 4mm-10mm

Aside from the style and size of your tungsten ring, the most important decision you'll make is what width suits you best? With the most common widths for tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands being 6mm and 8mm wide, you'll want a width that fits your style and is comfortable. After all, your tungsten wedding band is a ring you'll be wearing day in and day out for the rest of your life. To assist you in selecting a width perfect for your lifestyle and personality, we've devised a tungsten size chart. (We've even included our newest tungsten ring widths: 4mm tungsten ring and 10mm tungsten ring.)

4mm tungsten rings

Usually a width reserved for women, but many men prefer it, too. This slender width is the thinnest we recommend getting your tungsten band, and is great for men
wanting a low profile ring. Looks best in conservative and classic styles, like domed and pipe-cut tungsten bands.

6mm tungsten rings

The traditional width for a men's tungsten wedding band. A 6mm tungsten ring will be wide enough to be almost exclusively considered a men's band, but not too wide that it feels bulky for those not familiar with wearing rings. Great for active men, and makes a perfect formal ring or stylish fashion band.

8mm tungsten ring

The new standard width for men's wedding bands, and becoming increasingly popular in women's tungsten rings as well. Like many trends, bigger has become better. Guys love the manly appearance of the wider 8mm tungsten ring, and the width looks great in any combination of styles: faceted, domed, brushed, inlay tungsten ring, diamond tungsten ring, etc. 8mm tungsten wedding bands are currently the most popular men's tungsten wedding band width.

10mm tungsten rings

As we said before with 8mm tungsten rings, wider rings are in fashion. Usually a width reserved for men's bands, men love a 10mm tungsten ring because of its inherently masculine look and added weight. A 10mm tungsten ring or wedding band is for those looking for a bold and striking ring, while not being weary of a bulkier band. As the 10mm width grows in popularity, the variety of styles available grows as well.