Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

Jewelry experts have made a groundbreaking new discovery... Black is the new Black!! 

Love is in the air so far this summer and marriage proposals are occurring daily. This isn't much different than most other summers except that a record number of women are getting "Man-gagement" rings for the special man in their lives.  What is a "Man-gagement" ring you ask??  Well, it is a term that has been popularized recently and is used when a  man wears an engagement ring before marriage. Black Tungsten Rings are a popular choice for engagement rings worn by the Groom-to-be.  Increasingly more men are opting for Black Tungsten Wedding Bands as well.  Most commonly worn in 8mm or 6mm widths, Black Tungsten Rings for men are gaining popularity by the minute.

Not only can these rings make men fiercely fashionable, but they are all the rage with women to boot.  Tungsten World carries these styles in women's sizes too.  These hot little rings make the ideal faultless women's accessory, whether it be a ring worn daily or part of a lineup of accessories and accompaniments in her wardrobe.

These rings do offer some much needed stylistic versatility.  In a time where style options are an integral part of staying off of your friends' dreaded "worst dressed lists", Black's got your back!  You can find these rings in may two tone (inlay) styles, carbon fiber, or several all black styles at

There's no point in fighting it...if its Hot, its Hot!!  Black Tungsten rings are "in" with no sign of fading out anytime soon.  One of the primary reasons this style trend is in it for the long haul is because tungsten happens to be the most wear resistant metals on the planet.  Whether it's merely a style option among your collection of accessories, or a token of your love for that special someone, these rings are sure to last a lifetime.  This will surely outlast any other pieces in your jewelry collection.  The permanently polished look of quality tungsten carbide lasts a lifetime.  In a time where getting the most bang for your buck is more crucial than ever, this is the piece that will bring a whole new meaning to that term.

Black tungsten rings are also a great gift idea.  If you are running out of gift ideas for a recent high school/college graduate, one of these rings might be your answer.  Birthdays, promotions, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's are also momentous occasions that deserve such a long lasting memento as this.

Black Tungsten Carbide Rings are the 'Cool Kids' of the school, and are dominating the battle for tungsten ring supremacy.  Stay ahead of the game and get yours today!