Tungsten Engagement Rings

Tungsten rings are the most popular and fastest growing wedding rings in the market today. Whether used as tungsten engagement rings or tungsten wedding bands, these amazing rings from TungstenWorld.com will stand the test of time.

Tungsten carbide rings have many benefits, including:

  • Hardest naturally occurring element on earth
  • Virtually scratch proof
  • Extremely durable
  • Permanently polished
  • Stylish and sophisticated

Traditionally the woman is given their ring at time of proposal and engagement, yet some might choose to wait. Traditionally the man is given his wedding band around the time of the actual wedding, however some couples are opting for the man to wear a band during the engagement. This modern practice has become known as "management" or "engagement" ring, meaning a ring that a woman gives to a man when they have agreed to get married.

Engagement is a promise to marry, and also means the time between proposal and marriage, which may be anywhere from a couple years to a couple days! The duration of the courtship can vary greatly, however it is said the average engagement is 1-2 years, with 17 months being cited as the "average". How to propose is something entirely up to the groom to be, with some of the more popular ways being with friends or family, at the beach or in nature, with roses, at a nice dinner, surprise, etc. The most popular months to get married are between June and August, though it is only slightly more than the rest of the year, however winter has about half the amount of marriages compared to summer.

When looking for women's or men's wedding rings, a lot of people prefer that they have some resemblance, are matching, or a set. The significance of having a wedding band set in which both rings are similar or matching conveys the sense of unity and concordance. Just look at the picture showing a tungsten wedding band set; both couples have matching tungsten rings, which embodies their connection and bond with each other, just as through marriage two become one.

Whether choosing rings for time of engagement or wedding, matching sets or not, it is clear why tungsten rings are the best choice, now all you have to do is decide and take action. Good Luck!