Our 45-Day Perfect Fit Policy

Tungsten World's 45-day Perfect Fit Policy ensures the correct initial ring size for our customers. If an exchange is needed, we are more than happy to help. We only ask that you pay a nominal shipping and processing fee. Our Lifetime Sizing program will ensure that your ring will forever fit comfortably. Keep a copy of your invoice in a safe location. Then relax, knowing that no matter how much your finger size changes over time, we will provide you with a perfect fitting ring.

  •  Download our Domestic & International printable form for exchanges and returns: 45-Day Perfect Fit Policy
    Please follow the correct instructions depending on whether you are a domestic or international customer.

Our Unprecedented Lifetime Replacement Program

Our goal is for you to be satisfied throughout the years that you will be wearing your cobalt, titanium or tungsten ring, and we will do our best to make this happen. The Lifetime Replacement Policy is effective after the initial 45-Day Perfect Fit Policy detailed here. The Lifetime Replacement Policy is important since tungsten carbide rings cannot be re-sized. Our Lifetime Replacement Policy will cover all future size replacement needs, as well as damage needs. Our tungsten carbide rings and cobalt rings are the highest quality and the hardest rings available, but do not be fooled by claims that tungsten carbide, or any product for that matter, is completely indestructible. These claims are made by companies that do not offer lifetime replacement. Even a diamond, the hardest substance on earth, can be damaged. Sizing and unrestricted damage replacement are the important foundations of the Lifetime Replacement Policy.

In the highly unlikely event that a ring is damaged in any way, it will be replaced, no questions asked! This process, which is the same for lifetime size exchanges, involves only a small deductible. This means that you will be receiving a brand-new ring, at a fraction of the price! The replacement policy even covers rings that are cracked off during medical removal (An easy 2 minute process detailed under our FAQ’s section). There is no limit to how many times you can take advantage of this policy. If your original ring was engraved, your new ring will be re-engraved for free. The deductible is all-inclusive and covers the shipping and handling of the ring back to you. We do not have any extra charges, there are no hidden fees, and every ring qualifies regardless of condition!

Tungsten World is not liable to cover any lost or stolen items. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation feel free to reach out to our Tungsten World team and we would be happy to offer you a discount on your re-order.

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