Brushed Tungsten Rings Finishes

Brushed wedding bands have been rapidly growing in popularity as men’s wedding bands in recent years. Like the beautiful brushed fixtures you have throughout your home, men enjoy the look of brushed metal.

It’s no wonder our line of brushed tungsten rings / wedding bands are so popular.

Coming in a variety of styles, our brushed tungsten rings offer the strength of tungsten with a rugged, brushed look. Just like our high-polished tungsten rings, brushed finished bands are equally as high in scratch resistance. Whether you like a traditional domed-style tungsten ring or a more modern looking beveled tungsten band, you will find a tungsten ring to your liking with a brushed finish.

Hand-applied by using a diamond encrusted grinding wheel, there are two main styles of brush finishes. The type of brushed finished desired depends on the directional application of the finish on the tungsten. Satin finish, a softer finish, is applied in two opposing directions. This gives the brush finish a soft, almost fine grit sandpaper look. In contrast, a brush finish applied in only one direction will have deeper, more apparent brush lines. This finish can be applied across the entire band or in a thinner area to mimic the look of a tungsten ring with inlay, much like our Fortitude tungsten carbide ring.

Other examples of a directional, deeper brush finish on our site include the Mattino, Matisse and the Titan. Rugged, these brushed bands are textured to the touch and make great men’s wedding bands. If it’s a softer, fine brush you prefer, rings like the Sattino, Orion and Ares would be a perfect fit. A brushed finish can also be the perfect complement to a tungsten ring with inlay, as is evident on the Helios and Saturn styles.

Found a ring with a high-polish finish on our site and want to add a brush finish to it? Feel free to call or email us, we’ll do our best to custom create the ring you desire.

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