Titanium Rings Information and Specs

What is Titanium?

Titanium is an element known for its uses as a metal and alloy. With an atomic number of 22, Titanium is a transition metal, like tungsten and Titanium. Most people are familiar with titanium’s practical purposes in joint replacement, sporting equipment and industrial materials but as a metal renowned for the best strength-to-weight ration of any metal alloy, Titanium is also prevalent in the aerospace industry, being heavily utilized by NASA in the space program.

Titanium is naturally a silver metallic element. It is sought after for its lustrous appearance, scratch and corrosion resistance and strength.

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What is Titanium Jewelry?

Titanium Jewelry and Titanium Wedding Bands are made primarily from two alloy types: Aircraft Grade and Super Hard Titanium. Aircraft Grade Titanium is fairly self-explanatory. Coming to us from the aerospace industry, it was developed for its lightweight and high strength. Super Hard Titanium is an alloy that enhances the hardness of the metal to give it an added level of scratch resistance.

Titanium Jewelry comes in a vast array of styles and designs. Aside from Titanium Wedding Bands, due to its inherent malleability, titanium can be used to make cufflinks, pendants, bracelets, bangles, money clips and chain necklaces. All of these titanium products will be lightweight for easy wearing and be available in a variety of titanium finishes including polished, brushed and black titanium.

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What are Titanium’s Properties?

Titanium wedding bands are a harder metal than precious metals like platinum, gold and silver, and as a result will resist scratching and wear to a greater degree than precious metal equivalents. In addition to being a harder metal, Titanium is also extremely light, while still being strong and malleable. In terms of jewelry, this means Titanium rings are shatterproof, as well as being able to be made into an almost infinite number of intricate styles.

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What color is Titanium?

Titanium is metallic silver in its appearance. It has a naturally darker hue that is dark grey in color. It will appear slightly darker than Tungsten Carbide and many shades darker than Cobalt Chrome but will still have a lustrous shine and sheen when polished. See below:

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What is Titanium used for?

Titanium is widely-recognized for its versatility throughout many industries. You’re likely to find different grades of titanium in use from the golf course to the International Space Station, from high-rise skyscrapers to a relative's joint replacement. The lightweight strength of titanium means the metal has endless possibilities for use in our everyday lives.

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Are Titanium Rings dangerous?

Titanium rings are both hypoallergenic and biocompatible. Alloys of titanium are used in joint replacement meant to last several years inside the human body, so titanium has to not only be tough enough to survive the rigors over everyday use but be able to have long instances of contact to human skin and tissue without causing reactions. Titanium rings have no nickel in them. And in the case of an emergency, titanium rings and titanium wedding bands can be cut off by any emergency professional.

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What’s the difference between Titanium Rings and Tungsten Rings?

As two of the most common alternative materials used in rings and wedding bands, tungsten and titanium are often compared and contrasted. Titanium rings have an inherent malleability not seen in tungsten. This means the metal is able to be bent and formed into many styles you won’t see in tungsten rings, like tension diamond rings. As a result of being malleable, titanium wedding bands will not exhibit quite the same level of scratch resistance as tungsten rings but they will remain shatterproof. Despite being less scratch resistant than tungsten, titanium rings are still many times harder than silver, gold and platinum wedding bands, avoiding scratches over longer period of times and being totally corrosion resistant. Finally, titanium is feather-light; Tungsten literally means “heavy stone.” So similar rings in tungsten and titanium will weigh significantly different amounts.

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What’s the difference between Titanium Rings and Cobalt Rings?

Titanium rings and their Cobalt counterparts do share some basic characteristics like weight, although Cobalt is heavier, and both Titanium and Cobalt are shatterproof. The biggest difference between the two metals is seen in their color. Titanium rings are known for their darker, metallic hues, whereas Cobalt rings have a bright, white finish to them. Cobalt will also be slightly harder than Titanium, providing a higher level of scratch resistance.

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