Author Bio: Vincent La Rosa

 Vincent began working at Tungsten World at the start of 2009. Quickly learning the business, he became an expert in all things tungsten including tungsten wedding bands and tungsten jewelry. After initially working as a member of Tungsten World's customer service team, Vincent showed great promise writing articles and content on to assist customers in everything from learning what tungsten carbide is to picking the wedding rings that is right for their particular tastes. Soon, Vincent began handling nearly all of Tungsten World's written content on the site and after taking on many of the company's public relations needs, he was named Tungsten World Press Officer. Vincent now handles all of Tungsten World's PR duties including press releases and managing Tungsten World social media platforms. He still regularly writes new articles to assist customers in their search for the ultimate wedding band and also educates prospective buyers about the latest and greatest in new alternative metal products like cobalt chrome rings, titanium wedding bands, ceramic rings and Tungsten World's quickly growing line of casual and fashionable jewelry accessories.

When he's not educating customers on the benefits of alternative metals, Vincent is an avid soccer fan and writer, having spent two seasons covering the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club for Global Football Today. He is also an animal lover and fosters dogs with his girlfriend, along with the two permanent dogs the couple share. He'll graduate from Cal State Fullerton in May 2014.