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Why Cobalt Chrome?

Cobalt Jewelry is the perfect combination of high scratch resistance and shatterproof in an everyday ring, making cobalt wedding bands perfect for the most important ring you’ll ever wear.

Gold rings can scratch easily and even bend out of shape over time. Cobalt rings maintain their shine and finish by being resistant to scratching, and being many times harder than gold are much more difficult to bend from their original shape.

A durable alloy able to be crafted into a variety of styles and finishes, cobalt chrome rings are worthy of representing the commitment, security and everlasting nature of your bond to one another.

Cobalt vs. Titanium Rings

Like tungsten carbide, Cobalt Chrome is part of a recent trend of alternative metals to take the jewelery industry by storm. Rising prices in gold and platinum rings coupled with their lack of durability gave rise the use of titanium, tungsten carbide and now Cobalt wedding bands for men or women. But while Cobalt Chrome is similar to titanium in regards to being an alternative metal, there are many inherent benefits of choosing a Cobalt Chrome ring as your wedding band:

  • Titanium is much more dull in appearance, whereas Cobalt Chrome has been compared to the likes of white gold and platinum in its coloring. Cobalt Chrome is much “whiter” and brighter than titanium, and unlike white gold, it is not plated, so it will retain its appearance much longer.
  • Cobalt Chrome is much harder than titanium, making it less likely to be scratched in your everyday wearing of your ring.
  • In terms of weight, both Cobalt Chrome rings and Titanium rings are lightweight and lighter than tungsten. However, Cobalt Chrome will be heavier than “featherlight” titanium bands, giving it a feel much more akin to expensive precious metal bands.

Custom Engraving

Only at Tungsten World can you get a truly custom engraving on your cobalt chrome ring.

It is possible to have any of our rings engraved using our laser etching system. To have a ring engraved, select the product and click "Add Laser Engraving" above the red "ADD TO CART" button. Type your message in the text box and wait for your message to appear, you can select between the different fonts to the one you desire. After you have confirmed your engraving for spelling, capitalization, and spacing; click the "I confirm..." button to proceed with your order.  The cost for etching is $25 per ring, and may take 1-2 business days. We are able to engrave up to 30 characters per ring (counting spaces). Once the item is in your shopping cart, please confirm your personal message for accuracy before continuing the checkout process. Congratulations, your personal interior engraving will appear as it does on your screen when your ring is delivered.

Already received your ring? Click here to print out an engraving sheet with our fonts.

Hard Facts About Cobalt Chrome Rings

  • Cobalt Chrome is 4x harder than platinum, 5x harder than gold and 7x harder than silver, which means your cobalt chrome wedding band will last much longer than precious metal equivalents.
  • Cobalt Chrome rings have uncompromising strength, so not only are they highly scratch resistant, they won’t shatter or crack.
  • Although Cobalt Chrome rings are hard enough that they won’t bend in your daily wear of the ring, their inherent strength makes them malleable enough to create a wide array of diamond, faceted and even ornately carved styles.
  • Cobalt Chrome rings will not tarnish.
  • In the event of an emergency, Cobalt Chrome rings can be cut off by medical professionals.
  • Cobalt Chrome rings are hypoallergenic and bio-compatible. Cobalt Chrome has been used in the medical field for years, and the human body is compatible with implants using Cobalt Chrome.

History of Cobalt

Cobalt is found at number 27 on the periodic table. It is an element that has been used in jewelry since ancient times (mainly to create a cobalt blue pigment), and is not found isolated in nature.

Taken from the German kobold, which means “goblin ore,” cobalt was originally named by German miners. Because cobalt is not found alone in nature, it must be mined and reduced from other combined materials to gain the raw product. In most cases, cobalt is found during the copper or nickel mining process.

Cobalt Chrome, like tungsten carbide, is alloy, to learn more see Cobalt vs Tungsten Rings. The combined elements of Cobalt Chrome result in a metal that is both extremely strong and durable. This allows Cobalt Chrome rings to not only be highly scratch resistant but malleable enough to be worked into a wide array of styles, making Cobalt Chrome perfect for adding stones like diamonds to your ring.

Aside from Cobalt Chrome wedding bands, cobalt was already used widely through out the medical and dental industries. Cobalt Chrome is hypoallergenic and bio-compatible making it perfect in bone, joint and dental transplants. Now in the form of Cobalt Chrome wedding band and Cobalt rings, cobalt provides customers with a highly durable band strong enough to resist chipping and cracking.

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