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Why Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten Carbide is the only rare and exotic metal that can promise a permanence in polish and finish that will endure until the end of time with your tungsten wedding bands.

The original pattern and design in many gold rings will all but disappear after several years.Tungsten Rings will maintain an everlasting beautiful and shiny finish.

The heavy weight and the enduring finish of a tungsten carbide ring, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond.

Tungsten vs. Titanium

Men's jewelry has diversified greatly with the rise of Tungsten and Titanium jewelry. Tungsten and Titanium products are considered "model metals" or new to the jewelry industry. However, there are many differences between the two that many people don't realize. Tungsten's intriguing new features set it apart from Titanium and have thus allowed Tungsten jewelry to become the hottest, fastest growing men's jewelry craze in the nation!

Titanium lacks the implicit durability of tungsten carbide rings:

  • Titanium can never have the same high gloss mirror-like finish that Tungsten can have, yet tungsten can also be finished in numerous other duller styles just exactly like Titanium.
  • Tungsten jewelry is 4 times harder than Titanium jewelry. Titanium can be bent and is easily scratched.
  • The weight of Titanium is almost non-existent. It does not have the same luxurious precious metal feel of heavier rings.
  • The manufacturing process of Titanium is strictly industrial. It is easily produced using cheap materials involving almost no man-hours. Tungsten involves combining specific elements in up to 40 separate, labor-intensive processes to fabricate, refine, and polish each ring blank. Rest assured that ONLY Tungsten | Forever carbide rings accurately convey the meaning of the word, "Commitment."

Tungsten Rings vs. Tungsten Forever Carbide Rings

Tungsten | Forever offers only the highest-quality designer tungsten carbide products, enforcing standards most choose to ignore. For example, all of their rings are cobalt-free (when tungsten and cobalt are combined in making tungsten carbide, it can lead to irritation of the skin, rings that can crack or shatter under pressure, and easily be scratched). They also pass through a rigorous quality-control inspection and are designed for the best look, feel and fit.

The well established Tungsten | Forever line hosts a variety of styles and finished to suit everyone's unique tastes. These rings have been professionally designed to appeal to everybody. We showcase the most popular styles in men's jewelry and guarantee them to please you or your money back!

You will also get the industry’s best warranty when you buy a Tungsten | Forever ring – not that you will ever need it. Thanks to their uncompromising commitment to quality, Tungsten | Forever is a company you can trust to provide a product that will endure forever. We have a wide selection of Tungsten Rings, including Black Tungsten Rings and beautiful Tungsten Rings with Diamonds

Why Cobalt is Dangerous!

Other Companies sell rings with Cobalt in them and DO NOT disclose this! They do this because it is cheaper and easier to produce.When tungsten carbide rings are made combining tungsten and using cobalt as a binder, they can develop a negative reaction to your skin and are of a lesser quality. They can also be easily scratched. Do NOT trust any rings that COMBINE Tungsten and Cobalt.

Custom Engraving

Only at Tungsten World can you get a truly custom engraving on your tungsten ring.

It is possible to have any of our rings engraved using our laser etching system. To have a ring engraved, select the product and click "Add Laser Engraving" above the red "ADD TO CART" button. Type your message in the text box and wait for your message to appear, you can select between the different fonts to the one you desire. After you have confirmed your engraving for spelling, capitalization, and spacing; click the "I confirm..." button to proceed with your order. The cost for etching is $25 per ring, and may take 1-2 business days. We are able to engrave up to 30 characters per ring (counting spaces). Once the item is in your shopping cart, please confirm your personal message for accuracy before continuing the checkout process. Congratulations, your personal interior engraving will appear as it does on your screen when your ring is delivered.

Already received your ring? Click here to print out an engraving sheet with our fonts: www.tungstenworld.com/engraving.pdf

Hard Facts About Tungsten Carbide Rings:

  • Tungsten Rings are the most wear-resistant rings available on the planet.
  • Tungsten is about 10 times harder than 18K Gold, 5 times harder than tool steel, and 4 times harder than titanium. Tungsten measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. (Diamonds are a 10 - the highest.)
  • Due to their extreme hardness, Tungsten Rings will hold their shape and shine longer than any ring on the market.
  • Tungsten rings have been referred to as "Permanently Polished Rings."
  • Tungsten rings will NOT bend.
  • In the event of an emergency, a ring can be removed by a medical professional.
  • Each Tungsten ring is individually hand-crafted using assorted diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond tooling.
  • Our Tungsten Forever rings are cobalt-free.

The Manufacturing Process

Tungsten with carbon and other elements are ground into a powder and then compressed with high heat and pressure dies to form a ring blank.

The blank is then fired in an oxygen-free furnace at an astounding 6,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This process called sintering creates the hardest metal alloy used in making jewelry.

The ring is then cut and shaped using diamond tools with up to 40 total separate steps required for completion. The cutting and shaping of a tungsten ring is similar in many ways to the cutting and polishing of a rough diamond.

Precious metal Inlay rings with gold, silver or platinum are created by grinding a channel in the center of the ring and precisely "swedging" the metal into the channel under extreme pressure.

The ring is then skillfully polished with diamond polishing tools and wheels creating a permanent luster and polish not possible with other metals.

A Tungsten Carbide ring will remain polished forever, and is virtually impossible to scratch. It is a unique metal that epitomizes today's technologically advanced man more than any other.

History of Tungsten

The word Tungsten in Swedish and Danish means "heavy stone." The current name for the element is Wolfram and was founded by Peter Woulfe in 1779 who examined wolframite.

Gold, silver and platinum like Tungsten, is element #74, are heavy elements. It is naturally occurring and is an important element responsible for the development of human civilization. Without tungsten we would not have the filament inside the incandescent light bulb. Tungsten gives the filament the toughness and resilience exceeding any other metal. In 1922 the Germans developed Tungsten Carbide as the material used in making better cutting tool bits for precision milling and cutting of steel.

Tungsten has the highest melting point of all the elements at 6,700 degrees F (3,420 degrees C). Its permanent attributes deem it to be the hardest metal on the planet.

Today tungsten carbide is used throughout the world. Although its primary application is in the mechanical industry, it is quickly gaining popularity as a durable, long lasting, material used in jewelry.


You have gained the knowledge and respect to wear ANY Tungsten | Forever product.

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