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    The Perfect Fit with TungstenWorld's FREE Ring Sizer


    The Perfect Fit is Only 3 Steps Away with our Free Ring Sizer
    Ring Sizer

    Comfort Fit

    If you’ve never worn a ring before, it’s likely you’ve never been sized by a jeweler nor have the faintest idea what your ring size might be. But now that you are looking online for the perfect durable wedding band or fashion ring for casual wear, you’ll need to know your finger size before ordering.

     This is especially important with alternative metals like tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome and titanium because of the comfort fit sizing of these newer ring styles – comfort fit rings will have a rounded interior and fit differently than the standard fit rings most jewelers will size for.

    At TungstenWorld.com, we’ve made ring sizing simple and convenient with our FREE ring sizer tool. Sizing your finger with our ziptie-like tool is accurate and we’ll send it to your door anywhere in the world at no charge.

    Once you’ve received your Tungsten World ring sizer, you’re just 3 steps away from the most accurate and comfort size for your tungsten wedding band or cobalt ring:

    1. Slide the sizer onto the desired finger and pull the tab so the sizer fits snuggly around the finger, comfortable but not too tight.
    2. While the sizer is still on your finger, find the size denoted by the arrow of the size. The longer lines are whole sizes, while the shorter lines are half sizes. No need to slide the sizer on and off your finger like a ring, as the rounding of the comfort fit sizing facilitates a smooth transfer of your ring over your knuckle.
    3. Using your newly aquired ring size, order your durable men’s wedding band at www.tungstenworld.com

    Ring Sizing

    After you’ve done your sizing and ordered your tungsten ring, you can keep the sizer for future purchases or even pass it off to a friend to do their sizing. That’s one of the great things about this sizer, it’s universal  and it’s not as awkward and space consuming as those metal sizers you have to go to a jewelry store to use.  

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