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    Celtic Tungsten Rings

    Modern day Celtic tungsten wedding rings are truly unique. They are a union of centuries old Celtic tradition and art with today’s toughest jewelry pieces. Celtic designs and their meanings are as varied and intricate as the vast history surrounding it. Celtic history has deep seeded roots spanning millennia from the ancient Proto-Celtic culture formed in the early Iron Age in central Europe to modern day examples in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Much of the artwork is based upon interwoven knots or endless designs and symbols.

    Celtic tungsten rings are a perfect symbol of this undying belief; like the endless love shown by wearing a ring as a token of marriage. Our Tungsten Forever brand Celtic wedding bands are a tribute to this tradition, perfect for your knight-in-shining-armor or fair maiden.

    The Guinness and Gaelic laser designs are created by our state of the art LaserStar machine that burns the image onto the surface of the Celtic tungsten rings. Our master engraver “burns” each design on the ring twice to make it bright and clear like it came straight from the Book of Kells! Once completed, it is permanent, smooth to the touch, and sure to last a lifetime.

    What does all this symbolism mean? According to some scholars, Celtic knot designs that are “closed path” or ones that have no beginning or end are considered to be a symbol of eternity, or endlessness, like your love. The designs with “open” paths are considered to represent a journey with beginnings and ends as within life. Our laser designed tungsten carbide rings are all “closed” designs to signify the special meaning of eternal love and affection.

    The most famous Irish symbol of love- the Claddagh, is a symbol of two hands holding a heart with a crown above it. Its meaning comes from folklore over 300 years old about an Irishman; Richard Joyce kidnapped by Mediterranean pirates and forced to work for a Moorish gold smith. After his release in 1689 which was negotiated by King William III, he made his way back home to a small Irish fishing village named Galway to his love. To mark their undying love, he created a Claddagh ring. The two hands represent their friendship, the crown to show their loyalty, and the heart to symbolize their everlasting love for one another.

    Our Gaelic and Guinness Celtic tungsten wedding bands as well as our Keystone, Torque, and Wave laser designs are the perfect designs for the Irish or Scottish in all of us. Many of our customers complete their tungsten Celtic rings by having the interior engraved with a special Gaelic phrase such as the ones below

    Mo Anam Cara – My soul mate
    Le grá go deo – Lover forever
    Síorghrá – Eternal love
    grá mo chroí – Love of my heart
    Gráim thú - I Love You
    A Grá - My Love
    Leannán - Lover
    Mo grá thu - My love to you
    Is fearr posta é - He`s a married man
    Is mise a fear céile - I am her husband
    Cairdeas, Grá, Dílseacht - Friendship, Love, Loyalty
    Tugaim mo chroí duit go deo - I give my heart to you forever
    Tugaim mo chroí duit - I give my heart to you
    Phrase of the Claddagh, "With these hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love”

    So if this Celtic wedding band is for yourself or your “Robin Hood,” nothing is sure to impress more than our Tungsten Forever brand Guinness or Gaelic celtic tungsten rings!

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