Camo Wedding Rings: The Wedding Band for the Man's Man

The latest addition to our vast collection of tungsten wedding bands are our line of camo wedding rings. Like the men and women in our armed forces around the world, these tungsten rings are outfitted in camo design and are tough as nails. And right now, you might be wondering if a camo ring is right for you as your wedding band.

Camo Wedding Band:

Tungsten World’s camo wedding band in 8mm.


Maybe you’re not a military man or an avid hunter, but you’re many things around your home. Sure you have your day job, but in reality you’re also a part-time mechanic, contractor, landscaper, cook and bug killer at your house. It all comes with the territory. You’re a man’s man.

  •  U.S. Army - Founded June 3, 1784, the oldest of our military branches
  •  U.S. Navy - The largest naval force in the world
  • Marine Corps - "The Few. The Proud."

But now as your wedding day quickly approaches, you’ll be replacing the car’s battery, mowing the lawn or rebuilding the deck out back with a new piece, and maybe your first piece, of jewelry: your wedding band. 

Types of Camo:


 - US Woodland (US Air Force and US Navy)

 - Navy Working Uniform (US Navy)

 - Airman Battle Uniform (US Air Force)

 - Universal Camouflage Pattern (US Army)

Completed by our laser engraving process, our camouflage rings combine the rugged look of tungsten carbide and camo patterns with the simplicity of domed, beveled and even black tungsten rings. Using the laser to engrave our camo wedding rings, the rings are smooth to the touch and the pattern will last the lifetime of the band. And unlike camo wedding bands that use inlays, tungsten camo wedding bands can withstand scratching and damage to a much higher degree.

So, whether you know it or not, you’re a regular swiss army knife of a husband around house; one guy, so many uses. Camo tungsten wedding bands are the perfect multi-purpose wedding rings with their unique design and rugged durability. For the man’s man, there’s no better ring.

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