What To Engrave Inside Your Tungsten Rings

One of the benefits of choosing TungstenWorld.com for your tungsten rings or tungsten wedding bands is not only the wide selection of styles perfect for any taste, but also the chance to further personalize your ring with you own laser engraving. Whether you decide to get an engraving after your purchase or at the time of your purchase- remember Tungsten World is only website that allows exchanges on engraved rings!- a laser engraving is the perfect complement to your tungsten ring.

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But after meticulously searching for the perfect style for your loved one, you’ve no clue what you should get engraved. Not to worry, here’s the perfect guide, full of ideas and popular engravings you can’t go wrong with.


One of the simplest and most popular engravings selected by our customers. Whether it’s your wedding date, engagement date or even for a birthday, you can’t go wrong with an important date you and your loved one share on the interior of the ring.


Equally as popular as engraving a wedding date, having your loved ones name engraved on the interior of your ring is a great tribute to your lover. What could be better inside your tungsten wedding band than your names and our heart symbol between them? With your loved one’s name on the interior of your tungsten ring you’re guaranteed to take them with you everywhere.

Traditional Symbols and Images

Over the centuries, many cultures have created symbols synonymous with marriage and love. Some of the more popular are the claddagh ring and infinity ring. Both are symbols of fidelity, love and long-lasting relationships, and just two examples of the many images we can engrave on our rings. Other custom engraved rings include our cross ring, irish ring and even military rings for those with loved ones in the armed forces.

Pop Culture Phrases

“To Infinity and Beyond” was originally made popular by Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, but it’s also one of the many pop-culture phrases used frequently in engravings. Other phrases like “Always and Forever,” “Two Hearts Beating as One” and “You Had Me at Hello” entered our consciousness through movies, TV and hit songs, and remind us of the people closest to us. They’re phrases we’ll never forget, and once engraved on the interior of a tungsten wedding band, they are words you’ll always remember as well.

Personal Messages and Inside Jokes

It’s the ultimate customization. Nicknames, an inside jokes, a message just for the two of you. It’s a personal message to a loved one that only the two of you understand, and engraving it on the interior of your tungsten ring will preserve that shared meaning for a lifetime.

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