Not Just for Men Anymore: Tungsten Rings for Women

In the past, tungsten rings have been primarily promoted as the best wedding bands for men. But as more people understand the true benefits of tungsten rings, they are realizing tungsten rings make great wedding bands for men and women. Subsequently, the demand for womens tungsten rings has grown quickly.

So, why so few styles for women? Why aren’t there as many women’s tungsten wedding band styles, as there is men’s tungsten wedding bands?

The jewelry industry is ever changing. With new trends in fashion come many new styles. Traditionally, in terms of rings, men choose wider ring styles to compensate for having larger hands. While in contrast, most women’s styles come in slim widths perfect for slender hands. Over time the trend has shifted to all things bigger. And the width of rings continues to grow. Demand for wider rings has grown, and while traditionally women wear a 2mm or 4mm wide ring, many more are looking for wider bands in 6mm and even 8mm wide.

One of the great things about wider width rings is the greater opportunity for matching ring sets. With traditional 2mm wide women’s rings, there is little room for much styling. In most cases, these rings are simply domed or pipe-cut. The wider width of tungsten rings for women allow for more styling of the band giving the ring more of a designer jewelry look.

Without a doubt the most popular trend we see is matching wedding band sets. If it is a “his and hers” set you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. With many of our styles being offered in both 6mm and 8mm widths, you and your loved one have a wide selection of styles to choose from for your matching set. Also, unlike many jewelry stores, you won’t have to worry too much about your size being in stock. We carry small sizes perfect for most women in both widths.

Regardless of the style and width you select for your women’s tungsten ring, all our rings are of the highest quality and have the benefit of being made from the hardest material currently on the market. Whereas gold and silver bands are always being scratched and in need of constant maintenance, your tungsten ring’s resilience will have it looking as good as the first day you put it on.


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